The basic rate is EUR 0,18 per word excl. VAT. The number of words is calculated on the basis of the Dutch or English text. The basic rate applies to non-specialist translation. To specialist translation (for example, technical, legal or medical) applies a higher rate. We need to evaluate your text(s) first in order to estimate the difficulty degree. Please contact us to find out the exact price of the translation.

The normal delivery term is for translations is three working day's for the first 1.000 words and an extra working day for the each next 1.000 words. The delivery term for an urgent translation depends on your wishes and our availability. Urgent translations will be charged an additional 50%.

A sworn translation is charged an additional EUR 30,00 per document. Apostille: EUR 20,00 per apostille.

* All mentioned prices are excl. 21% VAT. Additional expenses as shipping by registered mail will be charged separately. Please contact us for more information.